Thursday, August 21
Ace of Cups 2601 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43202

Legendary Ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has broken new ground with his solo project, "DOYLE". A horror based hardrock/metal band of epic proportions, this quartet consists of two ex-Misfits members. Still grinding out heavy riffs is the hulking monster himself, Doyle, and bashing skins behind the kit is none other than the Abominable Dr.Chud. Alex Story from ‘Cancerslug’, the Wildman of the stage providing vocals filled with misanthropic rage, while still capturing the beauty of the dark side. Solidifying the quartet is Graham (ex-Graves, ex-Let It Burn) on bass, unifying the skull crushing sound that is the machine Doyle himself has put together. DOYLE cranks out music as scary as the Misfits, as doom laden as Black Sabbath, and has the same hard-hitting in your face style of metal as Motorhead or Slayer.  

We couldn't be more excited to land "The Annihilate America" tour in Columbus, Ohio!

Joining Doyle is Ashylus - a group of more "melodic" punk proportions.

Columbus Events Group is proud to lend support to this package from The Suicide Ghouls!

Doors 8 PM | 18+
$15 adv / $18 dos

feat Infernal Death, Dismemberment
Thursday, September 4
The Shrunken Head 251 W. Fifth Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43201

Tickets available at brownpapertickets.com

Columbus Events Group welcomes tenured FL death/thrash metal act SOLSTICE, feat. legendary drummer Alex Marquez (Malevolent Creation, Demolition Hammer, Ressurection). 

Look to see support from Infernal Death and Dismemberment

Doors 8 PM | 18+
$8 adv / $10 dos


feat Doublecut, Aaron Buckley
Friday, October 17
Alrosa Villa 5055 Sinclair Road Columbus Ohio 43229

Tickets available at ticketweb.com

Doors 7 PM | All Ages
$18 adv / $22 dos
feat Vindicator, Skullbomb
Friday, October 31
Alrosa Villa 5055 Sinclair Road Columbus Ohio 43229

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Bristol, UK's Onslaught originally started out as a hardcore punk band in the early 80's before changing over to the thrash genre for which they are well known.  Following their "In Search Of Sanity" release with Steve Grimmett (vocalist - Grim Reaper), Onslaught parted ways in 1991 and remained dormant until reuniting in 2004 with Sy Keeler back on vocals.  The current incarnation has recorded three albums with the latest one, "VI", released in September 2013.  Be on the lookout for a new live DVD that will be released in time for Xmas 2014 featuring shows from the Thrash Invasion Tour.

Artillery emerged from Denmark in 1982 to become one of Europe's earliest vanguards of thrash metal armed with the guitar duo attack of the Stützer brothers along with the dynamic vocals of Flemming Rønsdorf.  Going their separate ways after four classic albums in 1991, Artillery briefly reunited at the end of the 90's before taking another hiatus and returning once more in 2007 with a new line-up to release "When Death Comes" in 2009.  Four years later after an American tour, Josua Madsen and Michael Bastholm Dahl were added on drums and vocals.  Reenergized, Artillery released their Metal Blade debut, "Legions," in November 2013.     

Not to be confused with others by the same name, this Striker hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has been unleashing their staple of heavy power metal to the masses since 2007 - when they're not drinking beer and breaking things during their downtime.  With two full-lengths behind them, Striker is set to release their third album, "City Of Gold," on September 9th in USA/Canada.

Columbus Events Group is proud to lend support to this group from Cleveland's Vindicator and Columbus' own Skullbomb.

Doors 6 PM | All Ages
$15 adv / $18 dos
feat Simba Jordan, Terry Douglas
Friday, November 7
Alrosa Villa 5055 Sinclair Road Columbus Ohio 43229

Tickets available at ticketweb.com

Doors 7 PM | All Ages
$20 adv / $24 dos